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The week in review

March 15, 2013

Top model Gisele Bündchen, SPFW

Laziness reigns supreme here on TPS planet. Every Friday, I think “should I delve deeply into a complex topic, or should I go with a notes column?” It pretty much goes without saying which wins.

  • It was good to see the new Pope adopt a stance of humility…if the ‘leader as servant’ role is promoted as a result, well, the Pope will have done business a great service.
  • “Amanpour” (CNN International) actually lives up to the hype. Even when the topic is not of particular interest to me, I still enjoy the show.
  • I love a good tech titan spat, so naturally the increase in Apple vs. Samsung rivalry rhetoric has me excited. I don’t suppose Tim Cook or JK Shin play hockey?
  • In procurement news, Procurement Leaders reports that Diageo is set to decentralize its supply chain. It is a good reminder to procurement, and business people generally, that sometimes greater central control is not always better. Good decision-making involves considering the likelihood that someone else knows more or is in position to perform better. I wonder how well their forecasting works…
  • With all the hype about share price rises and improved corporate profits, let’s not forget about all the value procurement can bring to the table…says the guy who makes his living doing procurement…
  • Advanced negotiation involves mastering whatever context in which you find yourself. The New England Patriots convinced Tom Brady (who could name his price) to take less than what he otherwise could have gotten. How? In short, by framing the debate in terms of the impact to the team around him. Instead of the advantage being with the guy that knew the budget (the salary cap), they convinced Brady to take less for the good of the team. Then they let his friend and trusted teammate – Wes Welker – leave for a relative pittance. My hunch is that Brady would not be inclined to do the same thing all over again. The upside for the Patriots? Tom Brady is 35, and his contract likely takes him through the end of his career. The upside for Brady? He’s still married to Gisele Bündchen.


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