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Bangladesh, Kahneman, and Browsers

May 2, 2013
Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Random notes make yet another appearance on TPS Planet today. Today’s excuse? My System 2 is a little overloaded after a week of deep procurement thought. Guess what I’m currently reading…

  • Looks like Bangladesh has deeper problems than poorly constructed buildings…and that’s not to underestimate the building problem. Prime Minister Hasina of Bangladesh embarrassed herself on Amanpour Thursday evening.
  • Just found out that Kahneman and Nassim Taleb are friends (or at least outwardly friendly). This revelation gives me a warm glow inside…I feel my own cognitive dissonance slowly melting away as two of my favorite intellectuals have found some common ground.
  • Currently powering my way through Thinking, Fast and Slow by Kahneman. There are so many good parts that it is hard to randomly choose one, but when has randomness ever stood in the way of fairness, right?! During his discussion of people that are seemingly dominated by System 1 (rapid, but often inaccurate) thinking, I couldn’t help but recall dinner conversations in which I became bored beyond belief as System 1 cannons made the air murky with their dark smoke.
  • Jon Stewart may be the funniest man of our current generation. He has proven that generating a laugh at the expense of one’s opponents is approximately 30 times (trust me…I’m a stats guy!) more effective than giving a lecture. 85% of all statistics are invented on the spot anyway.
  • Firefox is attempting to do the near impossible – i.e. make me switch browsers. A couple years ago, a few reports that Safari was insecure (teenagers can be so cruel), led me to hop on the Mozilla wagon train. Now, even though I have allowed cookies in my Firefox preferences, I’m blocked from, among other things, reading my favorite right-wing propaganda business news in the Wall Street Journal.

Have a great weekend, and for heaven’s sake, leave a comment. There are enough of you out there that I should be getting more than the occasional spam bot trying to sell knock-off Nike’s.


Syncing bookmarks?

February 14, 2012
Image representing Xmarks as depicted in Crunc...

They say that good managers are lazy. If so, then alert the executive search firms, because I’ve got a surefire test. Syncing your bookmarks across two computers.

Here on TPS planet, we follow some general guidelines that include:

  1. Stay cool under pressure
  2. Limit concern to your sphere of influence
  3. Seek a more efficient way
  4. Pontificating about general principles without a real context is useless (Doh!)

In clear violation of rule number 1 and terrified at the thought of having to organize a set of bookmarks that had already been organized on my laptop, I hurriedly looked for a solution. (Ok, it was more saunter than gallop).

After a solid five minute search, I stumbled upon Xmarks, which is an add-on for the Firefox browser. For a fee, you can even add mobile devices, but even I’m not that lazy.

Sure enough, in another five minutes, my iMac’s bookmarks were right in line with my MacBook’s. Just about the time it would have taken me to organize those bookmarks myself.

Yoko Yoono

March 26, 2011

Mozilla Firefox has come out with version 4.0 of its browser. Already the most reliable browser, it has now made it easier to do a number of things, including a simple way to manage add-ons and cool extras like customizing the look and feel of the top bar of the browser window. I’m not going to do a full review because I have no idea what features were in version 3, and which weren’t, and I don’t feel like spending my time figuring it out. However, if nothing else, it opened my eyes to the world of add-ons, which is worth mentioning.

Stay foxy, baby

My favorite add-on is Yoono. It makes your browser window looks like an instrument panel for some sort of web-surfing space ship, but the functionality makes it worthwhile. You can update your status on any social networking tool all at once….perfect for an annoying blogger that entices views by posting on Facebook, linkedin, and twitter. You can also see everyone else’s status updates all in one place with the option to limit the view to one site. Pretty sweet…and it won’t break up the band.

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