Pirlo’s penalty – a lesson for life and business


For those few that did not see England vs. Italy, it was an excellent football match. The match went all the way to penalties, and the key one was taken by Andrea Pirlo of Italy. But this post has nothing to do with football.

Pirlo bucked convention by playing a ‘change-up’ penalty that, if the keeper had simply stayed where he was, would have been saved easily. It takes a cool, confident person to play such a penalty.

I would even take it a bit farther and say that it takes a certain view of life to take such a penalty. It takes true flexibility and mental agility. It takes a higher level of intelligence to know that any option involves risk…it is all about a probabilistic way of looking at life.

There is no way of ensuring success in anything, so sometimes taking a calculated risk is the way to go. Pirlo knows, do you?


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