Links and brief notes

Michael Scott (The Office)

Michael Scott is painful, yet funny. (The Office) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • I would probably not have found “The Office” funny coming out of the Army. I do find it hilarious now as I have been awakened to the fact that Michael Scott is very real.
  • A prediction market from PredictWise has Romney gaining ground on Obama. I take no public position on the race, but wanted to point out that prediction markets do better than standard polls, so take note, Mr. President.
  • I’m a fan of Jeff Haden’s work. In this article, he offers his advice that is, while somewhat unique to him, probably a good indication of many bosses. However, while reading it, I couldn’t help but think about how poor interviews are as a proxy for job success.
  • People that engage in intellectual activity are thinner than those who like shopping, playing cards, going to sporting events, and socializing. TPS report is not surprised. Even better is intellectual activity plus exercise.

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