Brains and exercise

Gym at Work 2

Gym at Work 2 (Photo credit: The Killer Biscuit)

I’ve found some science to back up my own anecdotal evidence (isn’t it cool when you find evidence that matches your pre-existing beliefs – it’s like Tylenol for your cognitive dissonance). It turns out – that in mice anyway – regular exercise is the key to staying mentally sharp. And I’ve always said, the more like mice we are the better off we’ll be. Have I actually always said that? Anyway, check out the article by Alan Henry of the New York Times here.

This article is good motivation for me to continue to stay active…even hitting the gym when I really don’t feel like it. Beyond that, the article advocates a good balance between exercise and mentally stimulating activities – i.e. it’s not just about going to the gym five days a week.

As anecdotal evidence, exercise improves my mental as well as physical well-being, and it does seem like those who stay active are generally sharper by my own meaningless reckoning.

Taking it a step farther, I believe there is a physical, mental, and emotional aspect to leadership. You really need all three. And all three are interrelated – think system not individual moving parts. Confused yet?

Let’s hear those comments.

unless you are trying to sell me something.


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  1. mxolisi804 Says: appreciates your comment and the excellent related articles you have posted. Let’s Keep Moving!!!

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