Apple strategy

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. (Photo credit: marcopako )

A couple things struck me recently when reading about Apple. One is that I suddenly realized they only made one model of phone. Samsung, Nokia, and HTC all make many different types of phone at different price ranges.

Imagine that – a giant, highly successful company making one phone and doing it really well. Are those two things a coincidence? TPS Report doesn’t think so.

Having said that, Samsung’s model is working pretty well also. It really comes down to resources for me. If you are Apple or Samsung, you can make either strategy work because of the scale involved. If you don’t quite have Apple’s resources, you need to choose a path that fits your resource profile. And then execute like hell.

The other thing that struck me was that Apple is renowned for tightly controlling their retail outlets. Apparently, Exeter, UK didn’t get the memo. There is no register/till (UK equivalent). Even if you want to buy a £10 screen cleaner, you must wait for someone to finish explaining how to download an app to a middle-aged soccer dad (sorry Dad), and hope they’ll squeeze you in before Aunt Myrtle works up the courage to ask the right question.

It is hard work buying anything in that store. It is easy to see why the iPhone is so good.


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