The North Korean missile launch and business

North Korea

North Korea (Photo credit: Tequila Partners)

Strange connection…where is the fearless leader of TPS planet going with this one, you ask (ok, maybe that’s not quite what you were asking)?

As most of us have heard by now, North Korea’s latest attempt at demonstrating the progress of their nuclear weapons program fizzled out faster than There’s likely to emerge a number of explanations for what happened over the coming weeks, but mine is fairly straightforward. Isolation.

I’m guessing that North Korean military leaders and top political figures truly believed this one would work. I would further suggest that someone somewhere down the line did not share that opinion – i.e. someone who actually knew what they were talking about.

However, as leaders, we could often do better at listening rather than telling. If you brush off concerns – and always chalk it up to people’s unwillingness to put forth effort, change (this always means other people changing – not you) or pay attention – people will eventually begin telling you what you want to hear.

We laugh at North Korea and Baghdad Bob (I really miss that guy!), but put a silly hat on, and that could be us.


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