Bob Nutting provides fodder for business jargon devotees

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The followers of the TPS report understand my mild annoyance at the use of business jargon. It is because I occasionally lapse into trite phrases myself that my annoyance is only mild.

However, when Bob Nutting is the purveyor of business speak, the annoyance factor goes up a bit. Here is one question and answer from Mr. Nutting that fills out a paragraph but provides next to no insight (with link to the full article below):

Q: How does Bob Nutting fully concentrate on owning the Pirates when he also is owner of Seven Springs Mountain Resort and plays a significant role in a newspaper chain?

A: I fundamentally believe you can’t multitask. You have to attempt to be fully engaged in every process you’re in. The key in all of those businesses is I’m still driven by a sense of core values: strategic focus on where the business needs to be in the longer term; a focus on making sure excellent people are empowered to make good decisions and that they never feel they are handicapped by a bureaucratic structure; and wrapping that around what the long-term strategic goal is, and making sure everyone understands we have a measuring stick.

Read more: Bob Nutting Q&A:’ We can be a championship organization’ – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Note the use of the work “process” which is an absolute must when it comes to business speak. “Strategic” is a mortal lock as well, and can mean almost anything. He mixes it up a bit (but not much) with “measuring stick.”
Now, to the uninitiated, Bob might come off as sounding like a very good, insightful businessman that has things under control. Until you take a quick glance at his results. The problem with jargon is that anyone can spout it, and if applied with enough confidence, makes that person intimidating to others.
There is no avoiding the need to learn the language, but being overwhelmed by it is another story.


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