Syncing bookmarks?

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They say that good managers are lazy. If so, then alert the executive search firms, because I’ve got a surefire test. Syncing your bookmarks across two computers.

Here on TPS planet, we follow some general guidelines that include:

  1. Stay cool under pressure
  2. Limit concern to your sphere of influence
  3. Seek a more efficient way
  4. Pontificating about general principles without a real context is useless (Doh!)

In clear violation of rule number 1 and terrified at the thought of having to organize a set of bookmarks that had already been organized on my laptop, I hurriedly looked for a solution. (Ok, it was more saunter than gallop).

After a solid five minute search, I stumbled upon Xmarks, which is an add-on for the Firefox browser. For a fee, you can even add mobile devices, but even I’m not that lazy.

Sure enough, in another five minutes, my iMac’s bookmarks were right in line with my MacBook’s. Just about the time it would have taken me to organize those bookmarks myself.


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