Agile is becoming cool


Apparently agile is gaining steam. If the Wall Street Journal said so, then it must be true, right? Check out the inspiration for this post here.

The thing I like about agile is that it is all about reality. There is no vague objective at the end of the quarter or year, but rather an objective at the end of the week or the end of the day. What are you working on today, tomorrow, or the next day?

Agile is growing in the world of web design, and I think it has excellent potential in other areas…just about anywhere where a group of people need to do various parts of a whole.

It recognises the costs inherent in people’s time. If you want to know about your colleagues’ love life, grab a brewski after work, but don’t kill the flow! Meetings are quick. There are no lectures and/or pontificating. People are forced to become dynamic.

Successful web design companies know there is no time to lose. Pretty soon, so will everyone.


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