Hasso Plattner – CEO of the year?

Deutsch: Joachim Gauck im Hasso-Plattner-Institut

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Ok, it’s early, but people like awards and lists, right? In fact, I think that is the next feature of the TPS report. I’ll put up a poll with my favorite CEO’s and let TPS planet decide the winner. This promise is based on two factors: a) I remember and b) my wife does not go into labor.

In an effort to out-flank bureaucracy and group-think, Hasso Plattner, CEO of SAP, has done something radical. What, you ask, did he do? He created a mini R&D department full of 20-somethings, and sidelined his current group of engineers. These irreverents are knee deep in a project to provide CEO’s with quicker, more complete delusions of grandeur  management information. For more, check out the WSJ article here with subscription or others below.

For this, regardless of outcome, Hasso hops into the competition for CEO of the year. He could have locked up the award by employing a crowdsourcing model, but I understand the challenges involved here.

Plattner further proves that it is not about age (he’s 68), but rather, an understanding of how the human mind works.


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