Leadership – it’s not so different from NFL to the boardroom


No one quite does analysis of leadership like the guys at Pro Football Talk. Even though the subject matter is football, this blog is one of my favorites, because it leaves aside most of the re-hashed, uninteresting “pure football” analysis, and goes at the heart of what makes organizations work and what makes them dysfunctional. Mike Florio’s connections at the highest levels of this billion dollar business give him even more credibility than the excellent analysis he provides.

Check out this post, which pokes fun at the Raiders’ Hue Jackson for his version of “I’ll pay lip service to taking the blame, but really, blame my subordinates and players” post-game speech. What he doesn’t realize is that he is not the first to do this, and the viewing public is not all stupid. It comes across as pathetic, and PFT is there to call them on it every time. Business leaders…draw your own conclusions.


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