Weekly round-up, one liner style!


All I heard on UK radio this week was hand-wringing over the magical line of demarcation (7% is much worse than 6.9%) on Italian government bond yields.

James Murdoch, who is the son of Rupert Murdoc...

On a related note, a good source of entertainment is about to be lost.

A non-grandstanding take on Joe Paterno.

Greece has a new prime minister but retains old problems.

James Murdoch is the latest high profile business figure to take his turn on the blame/deflect blame carousel.

I’m sure a lot more happened, but the day job keeps me pretty busy. Add a touch of laziness, and there you have the TPS report!

Add your comments alerting me to stuff you want my thoughts on, or important world events, and I’ll make sure they end up in the blog. If I feel like it.


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