Talent management for a new era


The title caught my eye, and offered promise and lots of expectation. Would it deliver, or would I be let down by the same old stuff that I could find by dusting off a Kottman and Keller textbook and looking in the index under “performance management” or some equally anti-septic phrase?

“Why digital talent doesn’t want to work at your company” by Aaron Shapiro delivers the goods.

There are a couple good things about the article. One is that Shapiro is talking about people that want to change the world, not those that treat 5 o’clock like a Pavlovian experience. We are not talking techi-clock punchers here (of which there are plenty), but the top 5% that believe work can be a passionate thing.

Another is that managing a company based on technology is quite a bit different from managing a more traditional company. The corporate “old world” has an uneasy relationship with technology that spills over into its attitudes toward the tech-savy…which can then cause the best and brightest to work for more dynamic companies.

So, if it is the dynamic firms getting the talent, and the traditional firms getting the clock-punchers…what do you think might be the most probable outcome here?


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