Somebody please buy Yahoo!

Steve Ballmer at MIX in 2008.

Ballin' Steve Ballmer Image via Wikipedia

It’s been in play for way too long now. Maybe Microsoft realizes what it’s up against, and is thinking better of it.

The only reason I still have a Yahoo! mail account is because I’m too lazy to write an email to all my contacts saying that I’ve switched. Yet, I publish a blog. Errr, maybe its because I don’t want my contacts to have to go through the trouble of updating their contacts? Yeah, we’ll go with that one.

Whatever the reason, Yahoo! mail is about as bad as email can get these days. Really, how can you fail here?

While I’m at it…Mobile Me…I’m Apple all the way, but you guys are letting me down. Can I really not sync contacts across devices without producing duplicates? And not even delete them by going straight to the puffy mist on which they are stored?




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