The sharks are circling

Image representing Nokia as depicted in CrunchBase

C'mon baby, do it for my portfolio! Image via CrunchBase

Just days after Apple released its iPhone 4s, a story magically appears in the WSJ that notes Sony’s ambition to buy out Ericsson. (The two have a joint venture that produces handsets). Give those PR guys a raise!

The headline’s timing strikes me as a bit more than just a coincidence. Let’s see…

The 4s was not the major splash that Apple nuts were expecting. HP’s floundering around like an…um…flounder. RIM is, like, so 2 years ago. The major competition comes from HTC, Google (who is about to buy Motorola…and possibly establish a far-reaching evil empire), and Samsung.

Sony most likely senses that it is now or never (well at least in hardware years) to cash in on our obsession with smartphones.

As a completely irrational economic actor, I’ll most likely stick with Apple, conveniently ignoring all evidence that says I should switch.  But this competition will be fun to watch!


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