Which German city is on the rise for start-ups?

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

If you know what this is, let me know in the comments section. Image via Wikipedia

If you are like me, you are sitting at home pondering which German city produces the most innovative start-ups these days. Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, Berlin is the money play.

My (theoretical) money was on Frankfurt, but that one was not even mentioned in the article.

Either way, it is encouraging to hear that European Venture Capital firms are excited about anything on the Continent these days. With the debt crisis dominating the headlines, its good to see there are still people out there willing to take a chance and make things happen.

Good luck to Earlybird Venture Capital and Ciaran O’Leary (yes, he really is German).


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2 Responses to “Which German city is on the rise for start-ups?”

  1. Richard Dawson Says:

    I spent some time in Berlin at the start of the year and the general feedback from young professionals who I spoke to was that though Berlin was considered by many the “place to be” for start ups, there was high unemployment with a large proportion of the cities population on government benefits. For young people just starting out in their careers, Berlin (like London in the UK) presents opportunites to establish themselves in their chosen profession, however greater opportunites for overall financial gain are to be had in industrialised areas outside of the capital. Just a comment…

  2. David Rajakovich Says:

    And whenever I think of Berlin…the Cold War immediately pops into my head…

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