HP = fun

Image representing Leo Apotheker as depicted i...

Leo, it was fun while it lasted. Image via CrunchBase

I can’t think of a more fun company to follow than HP. The Mark Hurd mini-scandal. Deciding to stop producing the thing they are arguably most known for. Developing a tablet. Then promptly scrapping the tablet before the marketing agencies had time to tally up the bill. Going for the record for most failed female California gubernatorial candidates hired as CEO.

HP just keeps serving up fodder for the rumor mill.

In case you haven’t heard, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Leo Apotheker is out as CEO and Meg Whitman is in. This shake-up comes less than a month after HP’s Board was behind all of Apotheker’s seemingly radical decisions.

The guess here is that shareholder pressure just became too much. The takeaway for me is that no matter how right (or dramatically wrong) you would have been, big organizations like HP just aren’t set up for drastic strategic overhauls.

There just aren’t many Ross Johnson’s out there anymore. What is good for shareholders, however, is just a lot less fun. C’mon, HP, prove me wrong.


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2 Responses to “HP = fun”

  1. sean Izydore Says:

    One really has to wonder what the heck they’re doing at HP. The one quote I saw today that said if it wasn’t for Yahoo’s board HP’s would take the cake as being the worst one around couldn’t have been more true. How does Apotheker come in and immediately have a direct hand in picking five new board members? Then they decide to break off their #1 ranked PC division and scrap a tablet that received mostly favorable reviews, especially for a first generation device. It’s a perfect case study of how not to run a company…but it has been entertaining so far.

  2. David Rajakovich Says:

    I think you’ve hit on it…lots of board turnover did not help. Amazing how even a collection of very intelligent individuals doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily work together to produce a good result. Found an especially good (and free) take on it here http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/09/22/us-hp-board-insight-idUSTRE78L4M020110922?feedType=RSS&feedName=topNews

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