Clouding up purchasing

Cloud Computing Summit Brasil 2010 10/08/10

Conference in the cloud - Image by rafaeldesigner via Flickr

One of the outcomes of cloud computing is that it will put more information in the hands of more people. is a great example of being able to spread sales information, status, proposals and requirements throughout an organization.

One of the only good reasons for a hierarchy is that the people at the top have more contact with the customer and better understand their requirements. This reasoning is sometimes valid, and sometimes a cover for getting our way as leaders.

With the cloud democratizing information – e.g. people sharing and viewing and editing the same documents at the same time – this imbalance of information is reduced. In purchasing, strategy reviews become collaboration sessions in the truest sense.

One result, we here on TPS planet would hope, is that the idea of rank always determining direction will fade away. Not completely, of course, but mostly. Or possibly that overconfidence in past experience, rather than problem-solving ability will rightly diminish. Or maybe even that people from a different discipline armed with the intelligence to work collaboratively to solve problems will be able to quickly get up to speed.

In one sense, the cloud does the data storage, we do the thinking.


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