The blog is back

eyeOS - Cloud Computing!

Image by Jonathas Rodrigues via Flickr

Residents of TPS planet, have no fear. The blog is back.

We have been doing a great deal of reading and exploring new things, especially in the world of IT and cloud technology. We have a great deal to come including (if I both remember and feel like it) stuff on:

  • My favorite things about cloud computing
  • Where computing is heading and how it could impact purchasing
  • Negotiation
  • Structuring a purchasing department and how it may be impacted by trends such as cloud computing and crowdsourcing (love how spell checks don’t even recognize this word – yet)

I will even star in my own video blog later – again, conditional on feeling like going through the trouble. You can help with this by answering the following question:

What would you like to see me blog about, or what questions would you like me to weigh in on?



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