Fear not the cloud!

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To me, a recurring theme is the fear of sharing data or data falling into the wrong hands. The concern is valid, but some of our actions are a bit questionable, especially those of IT departments.

Yes, Google knows where we are at all times, and knows everything about the emails we send. Some people deny this fact, some take all sorts of measures to try to prevent it, and some just accept it and realize that Google does not actually care where any of us are or what we are doing. Now, if governments start to demand that Google release this information…but we’ll leave that topic for another blog, or millennium.

Businesses, are also very afraid of storing data in the cloud. Employees’ privacy (have they heard of Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn?), the malevolence of Google, and stories of data theft leave people afraid to challenge excessive risk-aversion.

My questions to the the security buffs out there is: Do you ever send ‘sensitive’ (stuff you wouldn’t want a competitor to see) via email? If you do, you are taking an incredible leap of faith that your internet service providers aren’t listening (or reading) in.

Also, what makes your servers more secure (and IT personnel more trustworthy) than those of Google, Amazon, and Rackspace? And throw one in for good measure – which of the following is easier to hack: A) Your PC B) A Google server?

I can feel the cognitive dissonance setting in, so quick, wash this whole post from your mind. It will be much more comfortable that way.

For more on the cloud security topic, check out Christopher Barnett’s website here.



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