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The Wall Street Journal

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Good article in the WSJ today about turning ideas into reality. Check it out here (with subscription).

I’m too lazy to write respectable transitions, so here’s a bunch of bullet points:

  • “Embrace micro-action” – I am more excited by the title than their explanation. To me, embracing micro action means following up relentlessly on mini-deadlines. Every deadline, no matter how small should be realistic, and mean something. You can’t get either part of that wrong – if it is not realistic, it can’t be meaningful.
  • “Escape the reactionary workflow” – as the article says, you could spend all day reacting to emails that other people send – normally without any consideration of the time for which they are implicitly asking you. Escape this, or you’ll be busy, yet ineffective.
  • “Insecurity work” – resist the urge to check stuff too often. Follow up later and in due time. I’m particularly guilty of this one myself when I want something to happen.

At least they came up with cool names even if this is not exactly earth-shattering stuff. Isn’t it amazing how just the right amount of news happens each day to fill a newspaper?


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