Leadership, Crowdsourcing, and inspiration

Gary Hamel

Image by Hammock Inc. via Flickr

Self-organizing groups have tremendous power. The Linux operating system, Threadless.com, istockphoto.com, and others have proven this concept to work. Not to mention the power of the crowd to predict, which a certain internet hack has been yammering on about for quite a while now.

The hierarchical model, and leadership involving high degrees of control and manipulation that goes with it will most likely always be around – humans, after all, seem to have this hard-coded from thousands of years of evolution. But this patient, thankfully, is wasting away.

For more on this, check out Gary Hamel and Charlene Li discussing Li’s new book on leadership here.

We think self-organization works because it taps into people’s drive’s and motivation rather than always relying on the carrot and the stick. Hamel and Li posit that new technologies, specifically social media, have facilitated the democratization of decision-making. There are also some great analogies involving the Soviet Union and recent events in Egypt.

People’s ability to collaborate in a non-hierarchical way will always face barriers, but was always bubbling below the surface. Whether it is social media or something else that is facilitating its current rise, we can’t be sure. The important thing is the rise itself.


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