Culture and risk in Silicon Valley and Europe

Nicole Kidman Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng2

What? Who would you rather look at, Nicole Kidman or ol' Rupert? Image via Wikipedia

Philippe Botteri has some ominous thoughts regarding start-ups in Europe. Who’s Philippe Botteri? Well, similar to the founder of TPS planet, he is a transplant from the US working in the world of start-ups in Europe.

Reading between the lines, Botteri’s main contention is that it is culture that is holding back European start-ups. Check out the story by Ben Rooney (with WSJ subscription) here. His main point is that government bureaucracy and regulations makes it difficult to reward employees of start-ups. The story cites the case of Zaryn Dentzel who’s paying legal fees only slightly less daunting than Rupert Murdoch in order to provide stock options to employees.

Many of these people are talented and could be earning a stable living working for a larger company. Joining a relatively new business provides an opportunity to be rewarded in a way that is more closely tied to their contribution. Let’s hope governments understand the vitality that start-ups inject into an economy, and the important role they play in setting the culture.


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