Ash cloud clears, but “the cloud” is here to stay


I’m not a big fan of predicting long term trends. However, even smart-asses empirical skeptics are allowed a bit of humanity every once in a while. So here goes…

One day we’ll all look back at the days of installing Microsoft Office on our machines and laugh. “Can you believe that we used to take these big things called ‘CD’s’ and install big bundles of code on our computers…and hope it all worked out ok?!” Then, we would search around for unused licenses or extra CD’s if our computers crashed and spend lots of time making sure we had the right software installed. And that the software was compatible. And that it was the most up to date version. And…well, you get the picture.

One day in the not-too-distant future, your average computer user will have to find better ways to spend their time than swearing at their screen hoping that the installation of Parallels on your Mac will allow you to run that one piece of software that you’d otherwise need a PC (shudder) to use. What will we do with all that extra time? Catch up on all that Tolstoy we’ve been meaning to read, maybe?

Say it with me now (in your best hippy voice)…it’ll all be up the cloud, man! A particularly tech-savy co-worker of mine even points to the sky and shifts his eyes up when he mentions “the cloud.” It’s almost reverential…and definitely revolutionary.


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