Tradove – the procurement Google?


It’s procurement day on TPS planet…I try to avoid always talking about the day job too often here, because half of you would get bored and never return (what would I do without those 3 extra clicks?!). However, friend of the blog, Kent Yan is on to something.

Mr. Yan has created a new search engine dedicated to the procurement function called TraDove (would love to hear the story behind that one- maybe I’ll invent one). In a statistically irrelevant test, I searched for one product – grommets. Why grommets? Say the word out loud a couple times and you’ll understand why.

In any case, I was bombarded with grommet suppliers…so much so that I’m tempted to go into the windshield production business. Well done, Kent…your search engine will be making a VIP appearance on our online Academy and the TPS report right panel. The only downside is if this new tool makes buyers think that they can spend all their time doing desktop research instead of developing supplier relationships and visiting their suppliers. But the ones that visit the TPS report will be too smart for that.


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