Extrapolating the future from the past


We learned this by now, didn’t we? No one would take past innovations, and use them as a signal that the same company will continue to develop them at a faster pace than their rivals, would they? Apparently, yes.

James Altucher of the Wall Street Journal…take your place among the victims of the randomness carousel (Tom Peters and Robert Waterman, you’ll have to move over to the blue horse). Somewhere Roger Waters is giggling about all this. Altucher claims that Apple will be the first $2 trillion company in terms of valuation, but I’m going to go ahead and reserve judgement on that one. You won’t find any hot stock picks on TPS planet, so if you absolutely must check it out, click here.

Altucher claims that even if Steve Jobs is no longer involved due to health problems, the company’s past record of innovations will continue. I’m not sure how he knows that, but I won’t be betting the house that he knows how consumers’ future choices will play out.


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