Blackberry versus iPhone – strategic options


I’ll admit I don’t know much about the Blackberry phone series. Torch, storm, and curve all sound like parts of some sort of Biblical legend to me.

However, from reading others’ opinions of the devices, it seems as though they are all simply trying to catch up to the iPhone. Jim Balsillie, in the May 1 edition of the Wall Street Journal, said the normal stuff about a better browsing experience, better graphics for gaming (who are these people who are so into gaming on smartphones anyway?), and a better touch screen. Yawn.

Someone recently asked me – in a cab on the way to Frankfurt airport – if I could change one thing about the iPhone, what would it be? What an excellent question. I thought for about two seconds before blurting out something silly like “I wish it had a better camera.” Really, that was the best I could do.

A better camera would be nice, but also represents the typical consumer response to stuff. More of the same, but better and faster. Upon further reflection, a real market share winner would be the phone/network provider combo that can deliver affordable calls and data all over the world. For example, when I’m in Spain, and don’t have access to wifi, allow me to access a mobile data network without charging me ridiculous prices.  Doing so would require collaboration, but could be huge for the partnership that does it.

As an added content treat and a plain English discussion of the challenges faced by Telecoms by all the traffic generated by online content providers, click here.

Anyway, send your comments about why this won’t work, or what would need to be in place to make it work. We’ll only ridicule you if you are wrong, so no need to worry. Happy posting.


2 Responses to “Blackberry versus iPhone – strategic options”

  1. Pablo Says:

    Oh man, you are touching again my fav subject… Please, let me know when you are around to have a “chit-chat” about this… =)

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