Player auction for NFL Draft?


With all the talk about the NFL lockout and possible challenge to the draft, I stumbled upon an idea that fantasy nerds (yes, I am one) will love. Why not conduct an auction for players rather than have a traditional draft?

We could preserve the advantage for teams with worse records by giving them more money to spend than the best teams from the year before. The result of the auction then translates directly into the player’s rookie contract.

Players can’t complain, because they will have received what the free market will bear (within the confines of the negotiated salary pool). Teams win because they don’t have to ‘overdraft’ guys (Vikings, I’m looking at you) based on need – they simply pay what players are worth to them.

There are plenty of downsides – for instance, the lack of trades – but it might be fun for a year.


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One Response to “Player auction for NFL Draft?”

  1. aussie rules greg norman Says:

    A good example…

    Now let me suggest yet another illustration of precisely what John was raving about…

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