Good business demands cleaning up diving in football


Watching Madrid-Barca has become a bit of a chore. Sure, there are great players and plenty of drama. However, I believe this quote from Emmanuel Adebayor pretty much sums it up: “I’ve played against Barcelona three times now,” observed the Togo striker after the match. “They throw themselves around and cry like little girls.”

He is right about Barca, but he also needs to look at his team in their collective mirror. Deciding who dives more, Barca, Madrid, or any other high level club is like deciding which hierarchical company has more bureaucracy…everyone is a loser.

Diving has become widely accepted by diehard fans as part of the game. However, as an avid player, but less of a fan, I can tell you that it is hurting business. This nonsense does not play well in the United States, Canada, and much of Asia, and that is where football’s growth will come from.

But its not a problem unless there is a solution, right? Here’s mine; Suspend players after the fact for diving. Players have become so good at the ‘art’ that referees don’t stand a chance. Review the dives and hand out harsh suspensions. Start by banning Dani Alves for a year.


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