Poofy hair and tech bubbles


It’s up in the cloud, man. The cloud is, like totally groovy, and is (repeat after me) the next revolutionary idea in business. C’mon techies, tell me about how accessing content from anywhere with an internet connection without having to manage those pesky servers that are always crashing will change the world, oblivious to the countless other “next big things” that have come and gone previously. You’ve got a fighting chance, as long as you can get me past the fact that no matter how long you stare at a given Word document, it doesn’t usually lead to grand business success.

What exactly do you mean by poofy?

Aaron Levie is 26 years old, the founder of box.net, and just got a $48 million capital injection from a bunch of VC’s. Now that’s what I call winning. So is box.net worth it? Who knows, and certainly not me. Do the VC guys know, or do they just “know” that if they put their clout behind something, businesses will buy it for fear that the VC guys will tell their important friends that they’re behind the times? Talk amongst yourselves.

Does this post have a point? Oh yeah, the tech bubble thing. People aren’t great at learning from history. Oh, they’re fairly decent at reciting it, but learning is a different animal if we say that learning needs to be tied to action. Investors and even the guy behind the guy can most likely cite the tech bubble of the late 90’s, but have they learned?

Well, maybe not, if this article in the WSJ is any indication. Looks like even the powerful venture capitalists, angel investors, and other very important people are lining up to buy tech start-ups without even making the entrepreneur sign over god-like power with a 40% stake in their soul thrown in. So, if the greediest of the greedy are taking it on faith that guys like the poofy-haired Aaron Levie will lead them to the Sheen neighborhood? I’d say tech bubble 2.0 might just be a possibility.


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