1984 has taken a while to get here, but…


It seems that George Orwell was only a little bit too optimistic in our ability to spy on each other (he said 1984!). However, instead of the government spying on us, it’s Google, Microsoft, and now even cable television providers. Check out the many different ways of targeting us with specific ads based on household data (wtth a WSJ subscription) here.

Charlie, Charlie

Shameless Charlie Sheen reference

I won’t blather on about how we no longer have any privacy, and I’ll stay away from ominous predictions about the future, because there are plenty of others who will be writing about that. Actually, I don’t think a world with less privacy will be all that daunting. Let’s take a look at some of the effects. What’s that? A top 10 list? Oh alright…

10. You will never miss another word of what Charlie Sheen has to say if you don’t want to. (Thanks, Wikipedia for the photo!)

9. You won’t want to get up for a beer during the commercials, because ads will be targeted to your interests.

8. Number 9 is completely ridiculous – you will always make time to grab a brew and there are only a handful of ads in any 24 hour period that you want to see.

7. On any given day, there will be most likely at least 1 million other people doing something more ridiculous, embarrassing, or career-limiting than you.

6. People will become much more blasé about people doing ridiculous, embarrassing, or career-limiting things. Did I get the “´” in the right spot?

5. You’ll spend more time talking with family and friends since you won’t want to watch TV and risk that advertisers will barrage you with ads for anti-depressants, mail-order brides and mini-vans.

4. You’ll see less of Peyton Manning’s forehead.

3. You’ll end up buying lots of cool trinkets that reinforce the image you want to convey to the world.

2. Your wife/husband will stop complaining while you watch your favorite sports/gossip show because they will be so enthralled by all the wonderful ads that have been aimed specifically at them. Ok, I’m getting a little carried away. Side note here…I visited Kent caverns the other day…all I could think about as I watched the Neanderthal women cooking their freshly killed bear was…how many times did they say things like “Sweetie, I’m tired of bear meat…when are you gonna get me a rabbit?”

1. More time for “It’s More Fun Than a TPS report”!


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