“Why do you have to golf every week?!”


For anyone that is unfortunate enough to engage me regularly in conversation, they are most likely sick and tired of hearing about evolutionary psychology. It’s the school of psychology that’s all the rage these days, especially amongst, you know, nerds.

I won’t attempt to sum up an entire way of thinking in a couple sentences, but I wanted to highlight one of the more depressing tenets of my studies (with a bit of my own amateur opinion thrown in). It is in a woman’s genetic interest to complain to her boyfriend/husband. Now, I understand that making that statement won’t exactly bring this guy down to do an interview, as guys have somehow known this innately for centuries.

One of the things that women look for in a mate is good genes – the well-chiseled gentleman dancing on top of a bar in Frankfurt on Tuesday night comes to mind. The other thing they look for is a guy that will provide high parental investment, which includes things like time raising kids as well as material resources. Of course, most of this thinking is done at a sub-conscious level, but be assured, it’s there. How do women know when a guy is committed enough to stick around? Complain, moan, and winge (for the Brits out there). The level of nonsense the guy is willing to accept without dashing for the door is a sort of proxy for male parental investment (MPI) that he may one day provide. Of course, guys’ brains weren’t exactly constructed to make women happy either, but the beauty of a blog is that I don’t need to pretend to be objective. Hopefully, when I feel like putting a bit of effort into this line of thought, I’ll discuss the implications for economic decision-making and negotiation.

Clearly, our genes weren’t constructed to make us happy, but the results speak for themselves. So the whole idea behind evolutionary psychology is not some right-wing Darwinian nonsense. It’s like what ICE-T said…”don’t hate the player, hate the game.”  Ah…ICE-T…wise beyond your bling.


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