A bite of the Apple


Ok, truth be told, I had a five-second contest with myself to determine the cheesiest way to introduce the topic of the day. The title you see above was the winner. Sorry…that’s about the best I can do. It doesn’t even make sense because Apple is the one taking the cut. As my younger brother would say “Dave…FAIL!”

Are you intimidated by my black sweater?

Lots of controversy about Apple’s decision to funnel digital subscriptions from their iPad, iPhone, or iBot (made that one up) onto the ol’ iBill. Read about the details in the WSJ here because I’m too lazy to explain it. But hurry back.

Upon hearing this, I did the stupid human thing of rushing to judgment, which of course, is determined by one’s feelings toward Apple. Those of us who enjoy their products are likely to defend this practice by saying that Apple taking 30% for providing a route to a market composed of tens of millions of consumers for otherwise anonymous companies is more than fair. Who among us would have heard of Shazam without the iPhone? How else would we have gotten access to 35 alarm clock apps?! Hell, I’d rather pay taxes to Apple for their contributions to our society than to pay for silly things like health and education, right?

Then there are those who hate Apple because:

A) They are jealous of their success

B) They think Apple “sold out” by gaining market share and challenging the former undisputed champion of being hated…Microsoft

C) They are tired of people who are lucky being worshiped as if they are some kind of god (yes, you, Stevie)

Those people are fresh out of the courtroom from the Microsoft anti-trust trials, and are looking more lost than Smykoski after Michael and Samir rejected his “jump to conclusions” mat idea. Predictably, they’ve cried foul. Me?…I’m just wondering why I didn’t go get a law degree.


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