Only half the battle


In true TPS report style, I only told half the story in the previous video blog. All that stuff about inspirational leadership goes right out the window if you do not have self-motivated people.

According to legend (or possibly something fabricated in my own mind), Vince Lombardi is credited with saying “I’m not a great leader, I just surround myself with motivated people.” Or something like that.

If you employ people who are not motivated, or have managed to kill their motivation, people will do what they need to do to earn a buck. If you spend the time, and get lucky, you will will have people that will add depth to your vision and do what it takes to make it happen, if you inspire them.

My vision for talent management, then, is to worry less about a detailed description of skills (how can you predict what skills will be needed in a dynamic company), and more about the drive and ability to learn that a person has demonstrated. If you have talented people, they’ll adapt and acquire the necessary skills. If you acquire a resume All-Star who has acquired every certification known to man, you are likely to end up with someone who looks good on paper, but is only good at explaining why something failed.

As a practical tip, if anyone is just a little bit too good with spreadsheets, run away. Now. If they say things like “If we had only collected a bit more data…” Double-time it.

If someone has succeeded at everything they have done in life, but doesn’t meet one of the “requirements,” act quickly. The former group is a dime a dozen. The latter are worth four qualified knuckleheads.


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