Is your computer, PDA, or iPad ready for IPv6?


I was wondering why the dog of my portfolio, Netgear, suddenly jumped a few percentage points today. Now I have my answer. The Wall Street Journal published an article with a catchy headline, and just like Pavlov’s best friend, I couldn’t help myself. You can check it out here.

It turns out that our nerdy overlords that hand out IP addresses (IPv4) are running out of them. Those of us that deal in technology on a daily basis understand the implications…we’ll all soon have to develop new websites that people using IPv6 (what happened to version 5?!) to connect to the internet can access. Facebook, predictably, is all over this and has taken the lead here.

Are you a Facebook user that has an IPv6 address? If you click here and don’t get an error, you are.

Here’s where I provide a shameless ad for tomorrow’s post…be sure to check back tomorrow for a new video blog…this time without the teleprompter.


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