The Bloody Mary awards


Characteristically, I’ve taken the lazy way out. After a hard day of training (with an exceptionally enthusiastic group of delegates), I’m just too damn tired to think straight. This post is the result.

Lindsay Lohan

Remember when she looked like this?

As a guy who feels at home only when being glared at by unfriendly American and British air hostesses (see future post on lessons to be learned from Qatar Airways, Singapore airlines, and others), I have formed a diverse committee (me, and my scattered mind) to hand out what I plan on making an annual feature of this blog – the Bloody Mary awards.

A ‘Mary’ will be handed out to the top three world airports as judged by our hallowed committee. A reverse Mary, or a ‘Lohan,’ will be handed out to the three worst airports in the world. And here we go:

The third best airport in the world is….London Heathrow! Many will dispute this choice, but Heathrow gets points for degree of difficulty. The busiest airport in the world never seems to have massive lines, and has come through with innovations such as the Iris reader, which though exposing myself to big-brother style surveillance and the possibility that my eyes have just become a valuable terrorist target, prove greatly valuable when you are grumpy after a red-eye. Not having to answer inane questions at 7 AM after a 7-hour flight is just simply worth the loss of my individual liberties. Added bonus comes in the form of the Gordon Ramsey restaurant in Terminal 5.

The Mary runner-up is Doha, Qatar. It is certainly true that I have only been there once, and that I was treated to the business class lounge, but still. Doha is one classy airport with off-the-charts convenience and comfort.

The winner of the 2010-2011 Bloody Mary award is Singapore. While you do run the risk of being caned for a minor offense, the benefits just outweigh that risk. The airport is ridiculously clean, the people are friendly, and best of all, no one understands much of what I’m saying.

Others receiving votes for a Mary: Phoenix, Bilbao, Pittsburgh, and Incheon (Seoul, Republic of Korea).

Now for the Lohan’s:

3. Philadelphia – long lines, confusion, and absentee parking shuttle drivers are the things that come to mind when I think of the Philly airport. Great city, but the airport lets it down.

2. Madrid – takes confusion to the next level and in dire need of renovation.

1. Paris – lost bags, confusing structure, and people not exactly tripping over themselves to help you out make this the winner(?) of the first annual Lohan.


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