Debating the geezer dilemna


In the UK, I’m told that “geezer” is a term for a man, but does not connote a senior citizen. Well steal my social security card and call me “gramps,” because I can’t think of that word without imagining a Cadillac STS cruising blissfully along in the fast lane with the left blinker flashing. Just kidding…have I announced my candidacy for congressional office on here yet?

A young Steve Jobs

Get it?

So rather than write an intelligent-sounding article about some important aspect of business, I thought I’d take the lazy way out. I was…ahem…inspired by this article. Apparently, Apple shareholders are clamoring to know the details behind Steve Jobs latest absence, which has since sparked a more general debate about CEO health disclosures.

Now, I don’t have a strong opinion either way, but in the interest of unintentional comedy, I’m all for full disclosure. I’m picturing a particularly eager young equity analyst trying to make a name for himself at Goldman Sachs gleefully reporting that his favorite CEO runs 5 miles every morning and follows it up with a vitamin-filled carrot smoothie…and then betting the house.


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