Larry Page’s bias toward action


Risk is normally thought to stem from taking action before thinking something through. If only we would always run lots of information through the rational (as opposed to emotional) parts of our brain, we’d always make better decisions, right? Surprisingly, no.

Larry Page

Suit Larry? Nah...I'm good.

When there is no way to know what the outcome of a decision will be, the rational side of our brain will want to wait, delay, and seek new information. The only problem is that our brains will only absorb and process information that does not conflict with previously formed thoughts and opinions, and the new info wouldn’t hold any predictive power even if that weren’t the case. The decision is made…we just don’t know it yet!

There is another side of risk, one that Google CEO Larry Page understands very well…the risk of standing still. We applaud your efforts, Larry, especially given the field in which you operate.


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