Don’t call posting pieces of content online e-learning!


If I didn’t use an exclamation point in the title, I’d have to live in fear that Elaine would do this. Much of what passes today for e-learning involves making semi-animated presentations that include voice overs and putting it in a course together with similar presentations. Yes, there will be a basic Learning Management System (LMS), which will allow you to arrange presentations in different ways, and there may even be a test at the end to see if you were alive during the last 15 minute presentation. However, if you are like me, you will most likely not make it past minute 3 without contemplating which of the following would hurt more: stabbing yourself in the face with a pencil, or doing what this guy did. (Contains one instance of inappropriate language)

Hey Milton, what's happening?

True e-learning actually involves learning, which implies action. You can read as many books on personal effectiveness as you like and still be ‘that guy’ that continuously loses documents, and forgets about important appointments. As an aside, if you are ‘that guy’ (and it is mostly guys that do this stuff), just admit it…don’t pretend it was a one-time event.

Good e-learning combines good learning content (i.e. not long, boring PDF files) that include video, reference materials available when the course ends, collaboration, and most importantly, a way to put into practice all the cool stuff you’ve been learning. Much like a slide deck can be a crutch to a poor presenter, the do-it-yourself e-learning software can become a crutch to poor e-learning providers. It gives others associated with e-learning a bad name, and wastes the learner’s time.


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