The lessons of “Office Space”


If I remember to do so, and am not too lazy, I’d like to turn the lessons of Office Space into a mini-theme that runs throughout this blog. There’s just so much we have to learn.

Ever been in a situation of trying to tell someone that what they are proposing is not a priority? Normally, it takes a “special” type of person to do so (you can replace “special” with “jerk” or your descriptive noun of choice). However, if we turn the situation around, is something a priority just because someone thought of it, and would feel more at ease if it were done? Also, if there is a limited amount of time/resource to do things, and everything is a super high priority, does that make those things get done faster? I’d argue that the answer to both those questions is “no.” Try telling that to a senior exec, however, and you are likely to get shouted down or receive the “I’m not sure you’re the type of person who has a bright future here” look of disappointment. The dynamics of that situation is the subject of a future blog post – i.e. one that just popped into my mind, but may or may not actually happen.

Take a look at this Office Space clip and feel free to leave your thoughts/experiences below.


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