NFL Labor negotiations – the Batterman angle


A quick Google search reveals that everyone believes that the choice of Bob Batterman as the lead negotiator for the league means war with the NFLPA. The AM Law Daily ( even jumped on the bandwagon quoting one unnamed source as saying “Batterman bullied the union into submission.” Now, call me silly pants (hey, you’re not my wife!), but no one bullies anyone in a negotiation, unless you happen to run a country that produces 2 million barrels of oil per day and are good at selling hope to the poor and uneducated. You don’t need a great deal of skill to play chicken in a negotiation, so there is not much point in hiring this guy to send a message. Hopefully the owners have thought about that, and hopefully, Batterman has learned something about negotiating with a strategic partner. If a lockout happens, it only provides more evidence that some people got where they are in spite of themselves, and that sometimes, people looking for leaders follow the wrong ones.


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